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19 Nov 2012

Certegy Finance at Avanti Plus Narrabeen

AvantiPlus Certegy Finance

Ever wanted that dream bike straight away, but couldn’t quite afford the bike up front? Certegy Finance is a 'no interest ever' finance option to allow you to buy that dream bike straight away!

Certegy requires a deposit of 25% of the total value of the purchase. Depending on the purchase price of the bike your loan terms will be determined and payment will be made fortnightly over a period of up to 24 months.

Purchase price can be anywhere from $1000.00-$5000.00.

You MUST be an Australian Resident have an Australian driver license and also must have a full-time job to apply for Certegy.

There is an account set-up cost of $40.00 for all Certegy Accounts.

There is also a transaction fee for your fortnightly deductions of $2.80, the same as an eftpos fee.

There is also a monthly accounting fee of $2.90.

On all Certegy purchases there are no discounts beyond any that are advertised at the time in store.

Min. purchase price is $1000.00, no discounts apply to Certegy purchases.

Purchase prices and loan payment periods:

$1000.00-$1250.00, 6 Month Payment

$1250.00-$2500.00, 12 Month Payment

$2500.00-$4000.00, 18 Month Payment

$4000.00-$5000.00 24 Month Payment